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Our Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads are a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative to disposable menstrual products and are a must-have for all women who are environmentally conscious and want to reduce their disposable waste.

Our Reusable Menstrual Pads simply sit inside your underwear with snaps that fasten around your underwear to stop any movement. Use our small Wet Bags to store used pads when out-and-about, simply fold them up, snap them closed (colourful side out, as pictured) and pop them in the Wet Bag until you get home. We recommend changing your pad every 3-6 hours depending on your flow.

Our Cloth Menstrual Pads are available in 4 different sizes suitable for different flows and different stages of your period. All of our cloth pads have a bamboo charcoal layer that sits against the skin and is designed to draw the wetness into the inner microfiber layers and way from the skin. They also have a waterproof outer layer to prevent any leakages. Our sizes are as follows:

  • Light - suitable to use as a liner to manage spotting towards the end of your period, or to wear when expecting your period. These pads may also be used for heavy discharge, to manage incontinence postpartum and/or after intercourse. This pad is approx. 20cm long and has 2 layers of microfiber for absorbancy.  
  • Medium - suitable for day use during your cycle for low-medium flow. This pad is approx 24cm long and has 2 layers of microfiber for absorbancy.
  • Heavy - suitable for day use during your cycle for heavy flow. This pad is approx 28cm long and has 3 layers of microfiber for absorbancy.
  • Nighttime/Postpartum - suitable for very heavy flow, nighttime and or postpartum bleeding. This pad is approx 33cm long and has 4 layers of microfiber for absorbancy. 

After use, follow these simple care instructions:

1. Rinse until water runs clear
2. Store in either a dry bucket or wet bag until ready to wash (can be soaked in water only if preferred)
3. Machine wash, either separately, with your clothes or with similar items (i.e. nappies)
4. Line dry in the sun.

The sun will act as a natural disinfectant and stain remover. Cold water only is recommended for washing your cloth pads as hot water can set bloodstains in fabric. As with our nappies, minimal detergent is recommend as too much detergent can clog the fabrics, making them less absorbent. We recommend using a powder detergent rather than a liquid detergent.

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Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Lovely product - highly recommend

I love how soft the pads are to wear, so much softer than I thought. They wash very well, and the print's really pretty. Recommended!

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Massively impressed!!!!!

WOW. I never thought they could be actually better than the disposable, awful pads that are sold in stores and that I grew up with. I was hesitant trying at first, but then was immediately sold on the first time using them. They are just SOOOO soft and comfortable AND absorbent! I'm actually enjoying my period now!! Bought a second batch for variety of sizes, I wish I had done this much sooner!

Laura L.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product


These are excellent. Comfortable, easy to wash, and hold a surprising amount. Plus they are gorgeous - totally luxurious when on your period. Very impressed!

Joelle N.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Life changers!

These are so fantastic! They have changed the entire experience of having my period! I use these of a night, and the menstrual cup throughout the day. The only thing that could be improved is more snap buttons so the tightness of the wings can be adjusted to for securely around smaller panties. Other than that, they are more absorbent than any pad Ive ever used and don't leak at all! And so soft!

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Great quality!

Very happy with the pads. Super soft and such a pretty design! I have found they take 2 days in the sun to dry out after washing but overall I love them. Yeah

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Truely Great Product!

I was actually looking forward to getting my period for once so that I could try out this product! I love the pretty patterns and handy press studs/ designs. Most importantly, I am very happy with how comfortable and absorbable the pads are.

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