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Reusable Cloth Nappies for eco-conscious families. Australian owned, designed and operated from our headquarters in Townsville, QLD.

Our Cloth Nappies have been designed and created with simplicity but effectiveness in mind. Parents have been using cloth nappies for centuries; the wearing and washing process of reusable nappies does not need to be over complicated and our nappies reflect this. Simple to use, simple to wash - because we know that things that are complicated generally don't lead to long lasting change.

All of our reusable products feature high quality fabrics and materials which have been ethically sourced and made. We have been working alongside Australian artists for many years, to bring you beautifully crafted and unique designs.

Our Cloth Nappies are environmentally friendly, cost effective and easy to use, all while providing efficiency for you and comfort for your baby.

We are passionate about creating a range of reusable products for you and your baby which support your busy lifestyle and sustainability values.

Our Nappies

My Little Gumnut Cloth Nappies have be specifically designed for comfort, ease of use and effectiveness. Our nappies have 2 components – a soft, breathable and water-resistant outer layer (“the shell”) and a super thirsty insert.

Our Reusable Cloth Nappy shells are made with an ultrasoft water-resistant material on the outside and feature a pocket made with 100% bamboo fleece on the inside. The bamboo layer will sit against your babies skin, keeping them dry and comfortable.

Our Cloth Nappy inserts are made with 2 layers of 100% bamboo on the outside and are filled with 3 layers of ultra thirsty microfiber on the inside.

Putting it all together, the insert will slide into the pocket of the shell, to create the perfect cloth nappy system for your little one.

As the insert is the absorbency part of the nappy, it has been specifically designed to quickly wick away any moisture (wee), leaving your babies skin feeling dry. By sliding the insert into the pocket of the shell, you are creating a barrier (the bamboo fleece layer) between babies skin and the insert. The bamboo fleece does not absorb the wee, rather it allows it to pass through and be absorbed into the insert.

Having this layer of protection between the insert and babies skin, allows for the insert to be changed without having to change the complete nappy (please note, we recommend changing the entire nappy every 2-3 changes however if baby does a poo, the entire nappy will need to be changed).

Our stay dry nappy design leaves your babies skin feeling dry which will decrease the likelihood of your little one developing any sort of nappy rash.


At My Little Gumnut we are eco-conscious and aim to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Which is why our cloth nappies are adjustable to grow with your baby. Our reusable nappies are suitable for weight ranges 3-18kg.


Our Cloth Nappies come complete and ready to use, however you may wish to add a liner to assist with clean up. Our bamboo liners are specifically designed to catch the solids and make the clean-up process easier and quicker for you.

We have created 2 designs of liners to suit your specific needs. Our Bio-Liners are designed as a single-use liner. After use, simply dispose of the solids into the toilet then dispose of the liner into the bin or compost. Our Reusable Bamboo Liners are designed to be used over and over again. After use, simply dispose of the solids into the toilet, rinse the liner under the tap and wash with your reusable nappies.

How To Guide

To ensure you get the most out of your cloth nappies, we have created a series of short “How To” videos to assist with understanding sizing, washing, liners etc. Click here to see these videos.


At My Little Gumnut we are passionate about creating products which will allow you to create a complete reusable nappy system including Nighttime Cloth Nappies, Cloth Wipes, Wet Bags and Swimming Nappies.

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Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Quality at an affordable price

I am very happy with these mcn’s for my little one. The fit is great and so many options for adjustments. They wash well and big plus is the liners don’t take an overly long time to dry, even on winter days with patchy sun they are dry. This is my favourite print. All of this at a fabulous price!

Greece Greece
I recommend this product
High quality

This is our favourite print by far! My Little Gumnut nappies are made with excellent quality and a whole lot of love, making clean-ups so easy and leaving our babe’s bum nice and dry. Customer follow-up is also superb, with a special shout out to Jess who was so patient and gracious throughout our 3 month correspondence!

Australia Australia
I recommend this product
No Brainer!

We've been using these nappies since our daughter was less than a week old. The bamboo is so soft and dries quickly even inside in the Melbourne weather. We had a couple of smaller cloth nappies and disposables at the start but as soon as nappy rash appeared we switched to these full time and no more nappy rash. Took a few weeks to properly fit her tiny legs on the smallest setting but still did the job. Highly recommend. 3 months in with our first bub and we would easily have spent more on disposables already than we have on cloth.

Anna O.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Loving our new cloth nappies

I've tried a lot of different brands second hand, now I've narrowed it all down and we are only using My Little Gumnut. Super competitive pricing and the easiest/low fuss nappies to use. Plus cute prints!

Ashleigh N.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Cloth nappy

Amazing :) the service was very speedy and the product is amazing :) the Nappies are so soft and comfortable on my little mans bum bum :)

Brooke I.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Love them

I love the prints and fit of these nappies. Never have any leaks. My favourite out of all my cloth nappy brands I have at home :)

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