Cloth Baby T-Shirt (Grey)

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So you know how amazing Cloth Nappies are but what about your friends? Help us spread the Cloth Nappy love with our new release "I'm a Cloth Baby" t-shirt.

We are so excited to have been able to work with a team of amazing women on this project. We have paired with a Mother/Daughter duo in Bali whose mission is to support women to work and stay in their villages while still making a fair wage and working under ethical conditions.

These t-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton, are 100% ethically handmade by women, and are hand printed using non-toxic dye. The methods used during production pay particular focus to reducing waste, consumption and cut-offs. A perfect recipe for supporting slow-fashion!

Our new Baby T-Shirts are available in 2 different colour options, in sizes 000-2. Please help us spread the Cloth Nappy love ūüíē

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