Facts about Nappies

1. The average cost of using disposable nappies from newborn to toilet training is $4000, as opposed to $800-1000 for Modern Cloth Nappies (including laundering)

2. Each disposable nappy takes 400 years to completely break down in landfill

3. More water is used to make one disposable nappy than in the laundering of cloth nappies

4. Using just one Modern Cloth Nappy each day will reduce the amount of disposables in landfill by around 900 and save you around $350

5. Babies who wear Modern Cloth Nappies are quicker and easier to toilet train than babies who wear disposables

6. Australian's put around 2.2 million disposable nappies in landfill each day

7. Modern Cloth Nappies are chemical free.

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