So you like the idea of using Cloth Nappies but have no idea how they work or what to do with them? Don't worry, we get asked these questions all the time and our response is always the same "Modern Cloth Nappies are super easy to use and look after - we know that you will love using our MCN's!".

We have compiled a series of videos that answer our most frequently asked questions on how to use our MCN's. Below you will find a range of videos on the following topics:

  • The difference between our inserts
  • How to adjust the sizing
  • How and when to use Bamboo Flushable Liners
  • How to put the nappy on your Baby
  • Washing and care instructions
  • Strip Washing

Keep scrolling after the videos for further information on our Modern Cloth Nappies.

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A very big THANK-YOU to Courtney for filming this video series for us.



Please note: Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal inserts need to be washed 3-4 times prior to use to ensure they are at their maximum absorbancy level.











Modern Cloth Nappies by My Little Gumnut

Environmentally Friendly

It takes around 400 years for each disposable nappy to completely decompose in landfill. That means EVERY disposable nappy ever used (and its contents) are still out there somewhere – yuck! By using just 1 reusable nappy per day, you will reduce the amount of disposables in landfill by around 900.

Even when taking into consideration the manufacturing and laundering of MCN's, the environmental impact is still significantly less. Modern Cloth Nappies are made to last, which means they can be used for your first and subsequent babies. Thus, they will have a very long life before they eventually make it into landfill (we have even had Dad’s tell us that they use old MCN’s as rags in the shed before throwing them away - try doing that with a disposable!). The natural materials used in the manufacturing of MCN's will also break down a lot quicker than disposables. 

Our babies are our future, lets do our part to look after the environment so our babies (and their babies) can continue to enjoy this beautiful planet that we live on.

Cost Effective

$4000….that’s the cost of using disposable nappies from newborn until toilet training (per child!). The total cost of using MCN’s from newborn to toilet training is around $800-1000, and that includes laundering. Just think of what you could spend that extra money on – ballet/football lessons, your child’s first bike, a family holiday to visit Grandma…

A complete set of My Little Gumnut MCN’s is just $349.95 - this includes everything you need to get you started and keep you going with cloth nappies until your child is toilet trained. Of course, we have smaller packages starting at just $59.95 and also sell our MCN’s individually.

We are often asked about the cost of laundering. We recommend using a cold cycle, with a quarter to half a scoop of your usual detergent and line drying your MCN’s in the sun. All of this means that laundering costs are kept low as well!

Gentle on Bub’s precious skin

Modern Cloth Nappies are made from gentle, natural materials, meaning they are soft and gentle against your babies precious skin. The layer of microfleece which sits against bubs skin is designed to stay dry and keep bub dry, which also means no more nappy rash (and that’s something to get excited about!).

Easy to Use and Care For

You would be forgiven for thinking that cloth nappies require extra effort to look after and use. But welcome Modern Cloth Nappies. Just like almost everything we use today, cloth nappies have advanced since our parents were using them with us! Our MCN’s are shaped like a disposable nappy and can be tightened for the perfect fit with snap fasteners (that’s right, no pins required!!).

Caring for your MCN’s is pain-free with these 4 easy steps:

  1. Rinse off any solids (or remove solids with your Flushable Bamboo Liner)
  2. Place in a dry bucket with a lid
  3. Machine wash with your usual detergent (a quarter to half a scoop only)
  4. Line dry in the sun.

The sun will act as a natural disinfectant and draw out any stains, eliminating the need to use whiteners, brighteners or softeners. Always wash your MCN’s before use to boost the absorbency of the inserts.

We recommend using a washing detergent that is made with natural materials as this will be gentler on the fabrics and eliminate any leaking. We also recommend using a powder detergent rather than liquid and always use cold water to wash your nappies as ongoing exposure to heat can effect the elastics in the outer shell of the nappy. Never dry your outer shells in the dryer.

You may also like to use Bamboo Flushable Liners with your MCN’s. These liners sit on top of the microfleece layer and catch any solids. At nappy change time, simply flush the liner and its contents in the toilet, making the clean-up process even easier!

Adjustable to fit Newborn – Toddler

All of our MCN’s are fully adjustable and made to fit from newborn until toilet training, meaning there is no need to buy more every time bub has a growth spurt. Using the snaps at the front allows you to adjust the length of the nappy, while the snaps at the top allows you to fasten around the legs and waist.

Prevent Leakages

Some parents over time begin to accept that leakages and “poo explosions” are just part of babies wearing nappies. While in actual fact, if a nappy is the correct fit and size for your baby, you should not have any leakages at all. By using our MCN’s you can adjust the size and the fit of the nappy to suit your bub, making leakages and poo explosions a thing of the past (insert happy dance here!). After all, how can it be “normal” for such a little person to get poo up to their shoulders, down their legs and in their belly button?!


Modern Cloth Nappies are ultra convenient, no more rushing to the shops because you are out of nappies! Personally, I would much rather put on a load of washing than load the kids in the car to go and buy nappies!

 Best of all our MCN’s come in a variety of fun and colourful patterns and colours. Many of our Mummies opt to use our MCN’s as bub’s daily attire!