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Modern Cloth Nappies and Accessories

How much do you spend on disposable nappies each month?? On average, the amount spent on nappies and wipes from newborn to toddler is around $4000!! And that’s for each baby – imagine if you had a multiple birth!! This amount is astonishing, especially at a time of reduced income for most families. By using just 1 reusable nappy per day you will reduce the amount of disposables used by around 900! That’s a saving of about $350!! Not only are disposable products expensive, they are harsh on our environment. Disposable nappies take up to 400 years to completely decompose in landfill. That means that every disposable nappy ever used is still out there somewhere!

At My Little Gumnut we have tried and tested our range of Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN's) and we absolutely love them! All of our nappies are fully adjustable to fit newborn to toddler, so there is no need to buy new nappies each time bub has a growth spurt!! Our nappies will fit and last from newborn until the time of toilet training. Our nappies have a very soft micro-fleece inner layer with an inside pocket for the removable insert. The three-layered microfiber insert will soak up any liquid, leaving the inner layer nice and dry against bubs skin. The waterproof outer layer come in lots of fun colours and designs to keep your bub looking fun and trendy! Who says nappies have to be boring?!!!

Best of all our MCN's are very easy to use and clean - they are even "dad proof"!!! No need for soaking, bleaching or using whiteners, brighteners or stain removers.