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Single vs Double Gusset Cloth Nappies

What is a gusset? And do I need single or double?

A gusset by definition is a piece of material which is sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge it. So when talking nappies, a gusset is the elastic sewn into the side of the nappy to create a firm fit around the leg (our nappies also have an elastized back to allow for size adjustment).

Our Single Gusset nappies stop there, a single piece of elastic in the side of the nappy which when the nappy is on, creates a seal around the leg and prevents leakages.

However our Double Gussets have an additional piece of elastic that sits just inside the leg of the nappy to create an additional seal and give extra protection against leaks (see image).

Which is better I hear you ask?

Well the answer is that neither is “better” as the main purpose is to provide different levels of protection. Typically, our Single Gusset Nappies will provide 2.5-3.5 hours of protection whereas our Double Gussets will provide around 3.5-4.5 hours of protection (think of it as extra “insurance”).

As you can see, either option works fine, however you may select either single or double gussets based on your needs – i.e. double gussets are great for long car trips or days away from the home when more time may pass between changes. Or Grandma may prefer Double Gussets on babysitting days “just in case”. Our Double Gusset Nappies are also great for nap time and nighttime use.