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Cloth Nappy 1.0 Trial Bundle (4 Nappies)

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Thinking about using Cloth Nappies but not quite ready to commit? Why not try our Cloth Nappy Trial Bundle.

Our Cloth Nappies 1.0 are the cornerstone of our reusable nappy collection, representing our original and time-tested design. These nappies are known and loved for their single gusset and straightforward sizing options.

With our Cloth Nappies 1.0, you can expect reliable protection against leaks for up to 2.5-3.5 hours. These reusable nappies are a trusted choice for parents who appreciate simplicity and efficiency in their cloth nappy routine.

Package includes:

  • 4 Cloth Nappies 1.0 Covers
  • 4 Cloth Nappy Inserts
      Please note that this Bundle will include a random assortment of colors and designs, adding an element of surprise to your cloth nappy collection. If you prefer to choose your own prints, please click here. Images are for display purposes only.

      Our Nappies

      All of our Cloth Nappies come complete and ready to use. With each Cloth Nappy purchased, you will receive:

      • 1 Nappy Cover
      • 1 ultra-thirsty Bamboo Insert

      Our Nappy Covers are crafted with a soft, water-resistant material on the outside, providing the highest level of protection against leaks. Inside, you'll find a pocket made from 100% bamboo fleece, ensuring a gentle and dry experience against your baby's delicate skin.

      Our Cloth Nappy inserts are equally impressive, featuring an outer layer of 100% bamboo filled with three layers of ultra-thirsty microfiber, ensuring maximum absorption to keep your baby comfortable and dry for longer periods.

      Simply slide the insert into the pocket of the shell, and voila! You've created the perfect reusable nappy system that combines the superior protection of our water-resistant shell with the comfort and absorption of our bamboo fleece and microfiber insert. It's a match made in baby heaven!

      This straightforward assembly ensures that your baby stays dry, comfortable, and leak-free throughout the day and night. With our Reusable Cloth Nappies, nappy changes become a breeze, and you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of our innovative design.

      As you slide the insert into the pocket of the shell, you're creating a protective barrier – thanks to the bamboo fleece layer – between your baby's skin and the nappy insert. This bamboo layer doesn't absorb the moisture (wee) but instead allows it to pass through and be absorbed by the insert. This smart design ensures that your baby's skin remains dry and comfortable, even during prolonged wear.

      This unique feature also allows you the flexibility to change just the insert if desired. Of course, for those messy moments, a full nappy change will be necessary.

      This stay-dry design significantly reduces the likelihood of your little one developing any form of nappy rash, as their skin remains in a dry and healthy state. It's all about keeping your baby feeling happy, content, and rash-free.


      At My Little Gumnut, we're not only committed to providing you with top-quality cloth nappies but also to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. One of the ways we achieve this is by ensuring that our nappies are adjustable and designed to grow with your baby.

      Our 1.0 and 2.0 reusable nappies are versatile and cater to a wide range of weight needs, typically accommodating babies weighing from 4kg to 18kg. (Need a smaller nappy? See our Newborn Nappies).

      This means that as your baby grows, our nappies can adapt, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit throughout their developmental stages.

      Discover how easy it is to adjust the sizing of our My Little Gumnut nappies for your growing baby! In this short video, we'll walk you through the simple steps to ensure the perfect fit and maximum comfort.


      Liners and Accessories

      Our Cloth Nappies come complete and ready to use, however you may wish to add a nappy liner to assist with the clean up. Our nappy liners are specifically designed to catch the solids and make the clean-up process easier and quicker for you.

      PLEASE NOTE: Nappy Liners are different from Nappy Inserts. Cloth Nappy inserts are the absorbancy part of the nappy and are included in your nappy purchase. Nappy liners are an optional product, designed specifically to assist with clean up.

      To cater for your specific needs, we have created two types of Nappy Liners:

      • Our Bio-Liners are designed as a single-use liner. After use, simply dispose of the solids into the toilet then dispose of the liner into the bin or compost. Our Bio-Liners add extra convenience when out of the house, when travelling etc.
      • Our Reusable Bamboo Liners are designed to be used over and over again. After use, simply dispose of the solids into the toilet, rinse the liner under the tap and wash with your reusable nappies.

      Other products which will allow you to create a complete reusable nappy system include our:

      Care instructions

      Ensure the longevity of your nappies with these 4 simple steps.

      1. Rinse off any solids at change time

      2. Store in a dry bucket or Wet Bag until ready to wash

      3. Machine wash with reduced detergent

      4. Line dry in the sun.

      The sun will act as a natural disinfectant and stain remover. We suggest washing your nappies in cold water, however if you prefer to wash with warm water, the temperature should not exceed 40 degree Celsius.

      Reduced detergent is recommend as too much detergent can clog the fabrics, making them less absorbent. We recommend using a powder detergent rather than a liquid detergent.

      How to use

      Our brief video series provides a comprehensive guide on using our reusable Cloth Nappies!

      We've got you covered with everything you need to know to make the most of our eco-friendly nappies. From sizing adjustments to proper cleaning and care, our videos will guide you through each step, ensuring that you and your baby have a seamless and comfortable experience.











      PLEASE NOTE: We recommend washing our nappies in cold water and line drying in the sun. If you prefer to wash in warm water, never wash your nappies in water hotter than 40 degrees Celsius.



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            Make Nappy Changes Easy

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